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Taza Chocolate Mexicano

Let’s get one thing straight: this is not your smooth, creamy, Belgian milk chocolate. Mexican-style chocolate is a whole different world. Somerville, Mass-based Taza grinds its directly-sourced cacao beans on stone mill wheels in small batches, for a grainier, even gritty, texture. With less sugar than European chocolate and no added cocoa butter, you taste the clear, bright flavor of cacao (all the chocolates are 60% cacao or more), enhanced in some cases with chiles, cinnamon, or other traditional flavorings. The classic round discs are meant to be broken up, melted in hot water, and whipped into a frothy Mexican-style hot chocolate, but they’re also perfect for cooking and baking. And once you try it, you might find yourself nibbling on a wedge or two in place of your usual snacking chocolate.