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Gluten-Free Foods in New Haven

Whether you suffer from celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or a wheat allergy, you’ll find Elm City Market is one of the best places in New Haven to buy gluten-free foods and wheat-free foods.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein complex found in certain grains that gives bread dough its stretchy, elastic texture. In people with celiac disease, the proteins trigger an immune response from the body, causing inflammation and damage to the small intestine. Those with gluten sensitivities can suffer similar but milder symptoms.

What foods contain gluten?

The major gluten-containing grains are wheat, rye, barley, and triticale. Be aware that several “ancient” grains, including farro, einkorn, emmer, and spelt, are varieties of wheat, and contain gluten as well. Other wheat-based foods to avoid include durum, bulgur, and semolina. Oats are naturally gluten-free but gluten-containing grains can contaminate them during the milling process. Look for oats labeled “gluten-free” (many, though not all, people with gluten sensitivities can eat these oats, so check with your doctor).

How can I eat a gluten-free diet?

At Elm City Market, we’re making it easy to shop for gluten-free foods; just look for the blue “GF” shelf label  in the store. You can create gluten-free versions of your favorite baked goods with an all-purpose flour blend, like those from Bob’s Red Mill or Arrowhead Mills. Devoted bakers may want to create their own blend, combining almond meal, sorghum flour, cassava (or tapioca) flour, rice flour, coconut flour, and chickpea flour—all of which you’ll find in our grocery department. There’s also a rich selection of ancient whole grains like millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat. Or if you’re looking for quick and easy baking, try our gluten-free brownie, muffin, and cake mixes from King Arthur Flour.

Gluten can sneak into many prepared foods and sauces (look out for MSG or “modified food starch” on the ingredients list), but in our grocery aisles you’ll find gluten-free soups and broths, tamari soy sauce, and miso soup, as well as legume- and rice-based pasta. The freezer case stocks gluten-free pizza from Udi’s, Daiya and Against the Grain. And you’ll discover lentil and chickpea chips, gluten-free granola bars, and many more options in the snacks aisle.

Our bakery department stocks delicious gluten-free breads and rolls from Little Northern Bakehouse, Canyon Bakehouse, and Glutino, tortillas and pizza crusts from Udi’s, and tender, crisp cookies from Tate’s Bake Shop