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Local Foods at Elm City Market

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Looking to eat local? Elm City Market is one of your best sources for local foods grown, raised and produced in New Haven, Connecticut, and the surrounding region. 

What does it mean to eat local?

Though everyone’s definition of “local” varies, one commonly accepted definition is foods grown or produced within 100 miles of where you live. 

Why eat locally grown foods?

There are many reasons to eat local. Fresh produce can be fresher and retain more of its nutrients, having to travel less distance to your plate. And speaking of travel, your food has a smaller carbon footprint when it doesn’t have to be shipped great distances. (In fact, many environmental advocates argue that it’s more important to eat local than to eat organic). Buying local can have a positive economic impact too, supporting farmers and producers who are part of your community. 

Where can I find locally grown and produced foods at Elm City Market?

Here’s how we make it super easy: just look for the “LO” shelf label all over the store, indicating food produced within 100 miles of the market. We also have a “RE” label for regionally produced foods (up to a 400 mile radius). In the produce department, look for fresh greens and microgreens from Guilford’s H2O Farms and Gilbertie’s of Easton. Lyman’s Orchard’s fresh fruits also make an appearance when they’re in season. The dairy department features milk from Baldwin Brook Farm in Canterbury and Smyth’s Trinity of Enfield, as well as butter and cheese from the famous Arethusa Farm of Bantam, and fresh mozzarella from North Haven’s Liuzzi. You’ll even find locally-produced foods in our prepared and frozen departments, including Kim Yami’s sushi, and Zoni frozen plant-based meals.

And be sure to check out our monthly local food fairs, where you can meet the people behind your favorite local foods, learn about their missions, and sample their delicious products!



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