our community partners

At Elm City Market, we strive to be the best market in New Haven and uplift sustainability, health, wellness, and social justice within the New Haven community. We are proud to be in partnership with Common Ground High School.


At the base of East Rock Park sits America’s oldest environmental public charter high school, Common Ground, incubating the next generation of successful college students and environmental leaders. 

Environmental and social justice are at the heart of the learning experience at Common Ground High School. Students can explore every aspect of holistic environmental education through relevant and authentic integrated learning opportunities rooted in community, culture, and care. 


Educational Impact:

70% are from New Haven, 78% are young people of color, and 63% qualify for free or reduced lunch.”

100% successfully defend a portfolio showing their growth as an environmental and social justice leader before they graduate.”

“In each of the last 5 years, between 97 and 100% of seniors were accepted to college. Last year, 74% enrolled in college in the year after graduation, compared to 71% across Connecticut.” 



Alongside their educational institution lay their urban farm. Carrots, tomatoes, corn, peppers, and more, Common Grounds’ Urban Farm brings in over 10,000 pounds of fresh, local produce while diverting 24,000 pounds of waste (8,000 pounds being food waste) with their new on-site composting facility. 

Common Ground utilizes its urban farm to educate students and the community on humane and ecological organic farming practices that respect natural systems. From field trips, after-school and summer camp farming programs, community volunteering every Saturday from 10 am-1 pm (VOLUNTEER INFO HERE), and a built-in farming curriculum for their students, Common Ground has dedicated the maintenance and care of the farm to community building and resiliency. 



Common Ground goes above and beyond to create a space for learning and connection for people of all ages, providing free weekend programs from guided hikes, nature playdates, seasonal festivals, and more, which can all be found through their Facebook page and Elm City Markets community calendar. 


Thank you, Common Ground, for your continued care and support of New Haven and the Earth!