our community partners

At the heart of our community, ConnCAT stands as a beacon of inspiration, motivation, and transformation. Their mission is to empower both youth and adults with the tools they need to thrive in the realm of education and careers. Through a unique blend of employment training and dynamic youth programs, ConnCAT aims to ignite a fire of hope, innovation, creativity, and excellence within individuals, thereby reinvigorating our urban landscape.

We join with the Connecticut Center for Arts & Technology in many ways to strengthen food justice in New Haven. Besides frequently hiring graduates of their culinary arts program, we have set up food distribution in the Dixwell and Newhall neighborhoods. During the initial shutdowns from COVID-19, we helped ConnCat temporarily convert their Orchid Cafe into a food distribution center, supplied by donations from our distributor partners.

ConnCAT’s diverse program offerings span three pivotal domains: adult, community, and youth.

In the realm of adult programs, ConnCAT is a pivotal advancer for the unemployed and underemployed. These individuals are equipped with invaluable skills, enabling them rewarding careers in the health sciences and culinary professions. ConnCAT’s adult programs, such as BioLaunch, the Culinary Arts Academy, medical billing & coding training, and phlebotomy, actively bridge the gap between dreams and success. 

The youth-centered programs foster a nurturing environment where middle and high school students can explore their creative potential under the guidance of dedicated mentors. ConnCAT’s youth initiatives are strategically designed to amplify interest in the arts, bolstering the confidence of the next generation, and equipping them to pursue their passions. 

Middle and high school students hailing from the Greater New Haven area engage in captivating scientific experiments, architectural endeavors, inquisitive explorations, and problem-solving, all the while weaving their knowledge of mathematics and science into the realms of visual, musical, and technical arts.

Elm City Market takes immense pride in being a supporter of ConnCAT. We wholeheartedly extend our gratitude to ConnCAT for their incredible commitment to expanding educational access, employment opportunities, and the world of arts for individuals of all ages within our cherished community.