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Be part of our growing list of community recipes. Selected  submissions will recieve either an Elm City Market gift card for $100 or Elm City Market will donate $100 to a charity of your choice.

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Welcome to Elm City Market’s recipe portal, where food bridges community and passion. We’re dedicated to spotlighting the fantastic nonprofits in New Haven and Connecticut through the stories behind their recipes as well as  providing a collection of easy fun recipes for you to try. You will find a collection of everything from holiday favorites to delicious fresh mocktails. Join us in celebrating these inspiring individuals and their flavorful contributions beyond food, reflecting the heart of our community’s commitment and impact.

How It Works

Submit Your Healthy Recipe and Support Your Community!

1. Prepare Your Recipe:
We welcome recipes that are healthy, use whole ingredients, and have minimal processed foods. If possible please indicate what dietary area the recipe falls into (i.e., vegan, gluten free, dairy free, etc). Your submission should include a full list of ingredients and clear cooking instructions.

2 Submit Your Recipe:
 Click the ‘Submit Your Recipe’ button and fill out the form with your recipe details.

3. Selection Process: If your recipe is chosen:
Notification: We’ll inform you via email.
Interview & Photo: We’ll conduct a short interview about your culinary approach and ask for a photo of you for the feature.

4. Reward: For selected recipes, choose between:
A $100.00 Gift Card for Elm City Market.
A $100.00 Donation to a local charity of your choice.

Join us in celebrating healthy cooking and community spirit!

What We Are Looking For

More than just recipes: Share your stories and Community Imapact
Please note, if your recipe is selected, we will delve deeper than just the dish itself. Elm City Market seeks to celebrate the people and stories behind each recipe. We’re interested in who you are, the personal or cultural significance of your recipe, and how it represents your unique story. It’s not just about the ingredients or the cooking process; it’s about the memories, traditions, and emotions that make your dish special.

Additionally, we’re keen to highlight your involvement in local community work or nonprofit organizations in the New Haven and greater Connecticut area. Tell us about your role, the organization’s mission, and its impact on our community. This initiative is more than a recipe collection; it’s a platform to showcase the diverse, enriching, and inspiring stories of our community members.

Submit a recipe

Once you send us your recipe and connect with us here is what you can expect.

Selection Notification:
You will be notified via email within 1-2 weeks if your recipe has been chosen for posting.

Questionnaire for Selected Recipes:
If your recipe is selected, we will follow up with a detailed questionnaire. This will include questions about the recipe’s significance to you, your views on the New Haven community, and any community work you are involved in.

Review and Approval:
Once we’ve gathered your responses, we will send you a sample draft of the social media posts, the recipe, and the accompanying blog post for your approval.

Reward Processing:
For the selected participants: We’ll coordinate with you about which of our options you will want to take advantage of.

Publishing and Tagging:
After everything is finalized and approved, we will publish the content. We’ll tag your social media account (if available), your workplace (if connected to a community organization), or the organization you’ve chosen for the donation.

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