Located within the eastern area of Connecticut lies Baldwin Brook Farm. Family-owned and operated, Baldwin Brook raw milk dairy farm offers a plethora of products from pastured nitrate-free heritage pork, Angus beef, maple syrup, raw honey, fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers, all nestled within the green grass pastures of Canterbury, Connecticut. 

Family, community, and sustainability are at the heart of Baldwin Brook Farm. Owned and operated by the Newton family, they hold themselves to the highest standards and practices to provide their customers with only the highest quality products. 

Baldwin Brook Farm’s main product offerings are raw milk & cheese, free-range eggs, and farm-raised meats. 

At Baldwin Brook Farm, they still bottle and sell their raw milk the old-fashioned way, in half-gallon and quart glass containers that are 100% recyclable. They additionally use the raw milk from the Jersey cows to create a plethora of artisanal cheeses with varieties, including pepper jack, cheddar, and smoked gouda. 

The chickens at Baldwin Brook Farm have access all day to free range, allowing chickens to roam, forage, and bask in the sunlight. Raising chickens in a free-range environment produces a much darker, creamier, richer yolk, giving each egg a complex and delightful flavor. The farm seels regular brown eggs, blue eggs from Ameraucana hens, speckled eggs, and rare green eggs from the Olive Egger chicken. 

Supporting local, ethical, sustainable farming is essential at Elm City Market. Share the joy of celebrating local products by picking up Baldwin Brook Farm products at Elm City Market.