In 2001, Durty Jerk founder Jay McKinney moved to a home with a Jamaican Landlord. Over time, his appreciation and deep fascination for Caribbean culture grew exponentially. That fascination led him to an obsession with Jamaican jerk chicken – “a pimento wood smoked chicken rubbed in “jerk sauce” (a spicy dry-rub or pepper marinade consisting of three main ingredients: scotch bonnets, allspice, and scallions). 

This love for jerk chicken inevitably led Jay to all around the world studying all the wide varieties of jerk sauces and recipes he could get his hands on. While on his travels, he met a man educated in the traditional ways of preparing jerk sauce and, with time, was able to learn and even obtain a couple of secrets of the trade. 

All of this passion and intense curiosity led to the development of Jay’s own unique jerk sauce. Making it for all his family and friends. It was not long before he had created a large fan base. Thus, in the summer of 2011, “Sweet Durty Jerk” was born. 

Now, in 2023, Durty Jerk’s Sweet Durty Jerk can now be found at Elm City Market. Share in our love of this fantastically bold and delicious marinade, and pick yourself up a bottle today at Elm City Market.