Frustrated by a lack of convenient meal options for vegans, Yale grad student Zoe Geller didn’t just meal prep for themselves—she did it for the masses. Her company, Fire Ox Foods, locally produces frozen plant-based meals. 


Co-founders Zoe Geller and Jason Yang created FireOx to provide better food for people and the planet by helping people eat more vegetables. Their goal is simple: commit to making delicious and accessible vegetable-based foods. At FireOx, they are committed to producing high-quality food, achieving this goal by using whole vegetables, legumes, and grains and completely eliminating artificial ingredients and preservatives. 


From Zoë Geller, Co-Founder: 

“I founded Fire Ox to create a more sustainable food system. My heart’s passion is to create good, nourishing food that is better for people and planet. My passion comes from my struggle with an eating disorder for over ten years and my time as an Americorps teaching kids how to grow food.”


And Jason Yang, Co-Founder:

“I love food; I love to eat it and I love to cook and feed it to others. I started this business because, while I knew how compelling good vegetable dishes are to eat, I also experienced how difficult they were to prepare – or buy prepared – on busy weekdays. I’m excited about a good market opportunity coupled with positive social and environmental impact.”


Their frozen vegan meals are a love letter to vegetables and the Earth. Their menu includes Mushroom Oat Risotto, Chipotle Red Bean Pozole, Massaman Coconut Curry, Provencal Ratatouille, and Braised Ethiopian Greens, with their core beliefs centering around respecting the planet that nourishes our bodies, interconnectedness, and sustainability, and creating good food that feeds not only our bodies but our souls. 


Elm City Market strives to provide the Greater New Haven area access to quality, healthy, and sustainably conscious products whenever possible. Help us support local and come by our store to try FireOx foods for yourself!