Established in 2007 in the quaint town of Chaplin, CT, KDCrop Farms is a woman-owned business run by Kelly, her husband Derrick, and their two sons. Together, they grow and sell fruit, vegetables, and eggs to the communities of CT and beyond. KDCROP Farms began with a vision to create a farm that grows delicious organic vegetables, raises animals, and uses sustainable and organic farming practices. 


Inconspicuously situated on a quiet road on the eastern side of Chaplin, CT, lays their farm and orchard. Each crop is planted by hand in both the greenhouse and the field, one seed at a time. What began from a rented house with land where Kelly and her family would grow plants in the basement and use a scooter as a tractor has now flourished into a community-driven farm at the heart of Chaplin, supporting agriculture as a way of life. 


After 16 years in operation, KDCROPs now sells fruit, vegetables, farm-fresh eggs, jams, pickles, relish, and salsa. Each product they produce is thoughtfully and expertly crafted to provide their customers with familiar and exotic flavors. 


KDCROPs spoil their free-range chickens and ducks with healthy feed, fresh air, and delectable vegetation. Both their chicken and duck eggs are offered to purchase, and their flavor is unmatched. Duck eggs have a vibrant taste and have a ratio of 1:2 chicken eggs. 


Elm City Market proudly supports KDCROP Farms and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs throughout Connecticut. By purchasing CSA shares of KDCROP, you will be sent weekly bags of goods sourced from every crop. Do not want to commit to buying a CSA share just yet, no worries! Stop by Elm City Market to get your fill of KDCROPs!