Norton Brothers Fruit Farm, a cherished family-run establishment in Cheshire, Connecticut, beckons visitors for delightful family outings. The farm offers a warm welcome, inviting guests to partake in fruit picking, leisurely picnics at their tables or on the lush grass, shopping at the retail farm stand, observing honey-making bees, or simply basking in the serene beauty of Mother Nature and the captivating views that grace their grounds. It promises an experience that won’t disappoint.

The farm’s retail hub is a converted dairy barn, where a splendid array of fresh produce, cider, flowers, hay, delectable pies, mouthwatering cinnamon sugar cider donuts, allergy-friendly native honey, jellies, jams, snacks, and seasonal gifts are available for purchase.

With roots dating back to the mid-1700s, the Norton Family has nurtured the farm through generations. Presently, it is owned and operated by Betty Hail, Judy Hill, and Phyllis Perry, the daughters of Judson Norton, one of the “Norton Brothers.” The farm’s legacy traces back to Birdsey B. Norton, a former Cheshire first selectman, and his sons Judson and Donald, who tended to the farm until 2001. Today, the seventh generation, led by Tim Perry along with his family, ensures the farm’s continued operation.

Throughout the seasons, Norton Brothers Fruit Farm offers a cornucopia of delights. From native strawberries in the spring to pick-your-own blueberries and peaches in June, followed by a diverse selection of pears, and an abundance of over 34 apple varieties available for picking from August through October, the farm’s produce is a testament to nature’s bounty. Additionally, hayrides, pumpkin patches, scarecrows, and Christmas trees and decorations ensure there’s always something exciting happening on the farm. Notably, September and October are bustling months, as area schools flock to the farm for educational and fun tours. The farm’s facilities are also available for birthday parties and other gatherings, making it a hub of activity year-round.

Can’t make it to the orchard? Shop in-store for all your apple pie, apple cider, and candy apple-making needs! We’re proud to carry apples and cider from Norton Brothers Fruit Farm and hope you stop by Elm City Market to give our fresh and local produce selection a try!