During a trip to Ghana in 2019, Oh Shito! Founder Kwame Asare found himself deeply inspired by his birthplace. The air was filled with a warm and rich culture, from the people to the food. The nostalgic and pure familiarity of the bold taste of the cuisines reignited buried memories of Kwame’s childhood. One constant staple of Kwames Asare’s favorite waakye dish was shito – a common condiment in Ghana. 

Shito (from the native Ghanaian language, translates to “pepper”) is a famous Ghanaian hot pepper sauce that includes the perfect blend of scotch bonnet peppers, garlic, ginger, and an eclectic mix of spices and meat flavors. Oh Shito! Offers several different flavors of shito, like fish, beef, and chicken, flavor as well as a vegetarian variety. 

Oh Shito! can be used in a variety of dishes and a variety of ways, from dipping sauces for french fries, chips, and vegetables, or as a spread on burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, or simply as a topping to any dish to elevate and spice things up. Let your taste buds guide you to discover the endless delicious possibilities with Oh Shito!

When Kwame Asare returned to the U.S., he came home with an idea to bring his favorite Ghanaian classic to the American hot sauce and condiment market. Thus, Oh Shito! was born.

 Oh Shito! Their mission is to provide a cultural connection to Ghana and Africa through the spicy umami flavor of Shito and expand and encourage culinary exploration for food lovers and cultural enthusiasts. 

Oh Shito! Sources it’s produce and meat from local markets in Connecticut and is gluten-free and shelf-stable. On top of using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Oh Shito! invests 2% of its profits in Connecticut and Ghana’s education and community improvement initiatives. 

With a deep sense of family values, sustainability, love, humility, and passion, it is clear that the team at Oh Shito! They are beyond happy to have the opportunity to share their Ghanaian flavors with the world. 


Elm City Market is proud to be a small part of their story. Find Oh Shito! products at our stores today.