Elm City Market is thrilled to carry the delicious pasta sauce made at Pasta Così, the Italian treasure found right in Branford, Connecticut, where Chef/Owner Billy DiLegge works his Northern Italian magic.

At 33, Chef and entrepreneur Billy DiLegge has achieved a legendary status among food enthusiasts for his innovative Italian cuisine at BILLY’S PASTA COSÌ on the Connecticut shoreline. He started his culinary journey as a busboy and dishwasher at 14, learning the ropes of fine cooking while working at various local restaurants and hotels. After attending the Culinary Institute of America, he gained experience at renowned establishments like Bellini’s and Diorio’s.

At the age of 22, he launched Pasta Così, a takeout shop in Branford, which quickly evolved into a dining destination, drawing acclaim from both diners and critics. This success led him to develop a line of pasta sauces, now available at Elm City Market and in stores across Connecticut. Chef DiLegge is known for his “Old School” approach, emphasizing quality and complexity in his cuisine. He actively supports various community organizations and has also released a cookbook.

Before you leave Elm City Market, don’t forget to bring home a piece of the magic – a jar of Billy’s Pasta Così sauce. We offer all five types of his sauces: Vodka, Puttanesca, No Sugar Added Marinara, Arrabbiata, and Roasted Garlic. It’s the perfect addition to your pantry, ready to be shared with family and friends. At Elm City Market, we’re delighted to be your connection to the exquisite world of Billy’s Pasta Così, and we’re certain you’ll cherish every mouthwatering bite.