Meatless Pasta Mondays

Every Monday from 4pm – closing, get a meatless pasta dinner + half baguette with any $40 purchase.

Our house-made pastas use the freshest seasonal vegetables, quality pasta and all-natural cheeses. Our featured special pasta rotates each week between:

Pasta Primavera

Tricolor rotini with fresh red bell peppers, zucchini, yellow summer squash, broccoli florets, and bright grape tomatoes, all tossed with Italian herbs, fresh lemon juice, olive oil and a touch of shredded parmesan.

Vegetarian Lasagna

Lasagna noodles layered with fresh spinach, house-made marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella, and a sprinkling of Italian herbs. 

Fabulous Flatbread Fridays

Every Friday from 4pm – closing, get a free fabulous flatbread with any $40 purchase.

We bake our own flatbread pizzas in-house: a thin, crispy crust with tasty toppings, finished with extra-virgin olive oil + grated Parmigiano.

Look for a different featured flatbread each Friday: 

  • • Wild Mushroom with Red Pepper + Truffle Oil
  • • Pesto Tuscan Chicken
  • • Soppressata, Mozzarella + Caramelized Onion
  • • BBQ Chicken, Red Onion + Sharp Cheddar
  • • Spinach, Wild Mushroom, Fontina + Truffle Oil

Rotisserie Chicken Wednesdays

Every Wednesday from 4pm – closing, get a free rotisserie chicken with any $40 purchase.

Straight from our kitchen to yours, our all-natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free rotisserie chicken is a weeknight dinner savior, either as a meal in and of itself, or as the building block for soups, salads, tacos, or anything else you dream up. Choose from the simple garlic-salt-and-pepper-seasoned bird, or get a little spicy with the Cajun-style or lemon-pepper varieties. 


1655 Gruyere

A complex balance of sweetness and salt, under which one can detect a nutty, caramel taste with notes of mushrooms, hay, earth, and fruit.

Cypress Grove Lambchopper + Merlot

Cypress Grove Lambchopper

“Born to be mild!” This Pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese is buttery in color and flavor with a long complex finish.

Suggested Pairings:
Wente Vineyards 2016 Sandstone Merlot (Livermore Valley, California)
Januik 2016 Merlot (Columbia Valley, Washington State)

Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue + Riesling

Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue

Sweet, nutty, savory flavors envelope the sweet, rich milk creating a creme brulee with a hint of the toasted, sweet richness of a campfire.

Suggested Pairings:
Cave Spring 2017 Riesling Estate (Ontario, Canada)
Sybille Kuntz 2018 Mosel-Riesling (Germany)

1655 Gruyere + Pinot Noir

1655 Gruyere

A complex balance of sweetness and salt, under which one can detect a nutty, caramel taste with notes of mushrooms, hay, earth, and fruit.

Suggested Pairings:
EX 2016 Pinot Noir (Monterey, California)
Santa Alba 2017 Pinot Noir (Chile)

How to Understand Beef Labels

Whether you’re shopping for a ribeye steak or ground beef for burgers, you may not be entirely sure what some of the labels mean. Here’s a handy guide: 


One of the grades given to beef by the USDA, Choice designates very high-quality beef with a moderate amount of marbling with intramuscular fat (remember, fat = flavor!). Choice roasts and steaks from the loin and rib section will be very juicy, tender and flavorful.


The cattle eat a diet of grass for all or part of their lives. Look for the additional phrase “grass-finished” if you want beef that is never fed grain. Beef fed solely on grass boasts richer nutritional profile: lower saturated fat and higher healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a lower risk of E. coli bacteria contamination. Grass-fed beef is often, though not necessarily, organic. Grass-fed beef is generally leaner than conventionally-raised beef, so it’s best when cooked no further than medium-rare. 

Certified Angus Beef

Angus is a breed of cattle that tends to produce better-marbled beef than other breeds. The Certified Angus brand, created by the American Angus Association. To be labeled “Certified Angus Beef” (or CAB for short), the beef must be at least 51% Angus breed, at least Choice grade, and pass 10 other standards for size, appearance, flavor, and tenderness.

Have more questions about beef labels? Don’t hesitate to stop in our meat department and ask our butchers!