Nestled in the picturesque town of Cheshire, Connecticut is  Wing Dance Apiary LLC, where you can find the home of some delicious honey. This hidden gem is no ordinary honey haven; it’s a bustling hub of raw honey, wellness products, and beekeeping master classes. But there’s more to this local, family-owned gem than meets the eye.

At Wing Dance, their mission is to champion local and regional bees. They’re on a journey to not only uphold responsible beekeeping but also to ignite the beekeeping fire in both newcomers and seasoned bee enthusiasts. William Hesbach, Wing Dance’s Master Beekeeper, takes the reins as a beacon of knowledge, conducting classes and seminars that travel across New England and even grace beekeeping conferences throughout the entire United States.

Now, let’s talk about the nectar of the gods – the Fat Bee Honey! This liquid gold is harvested straight from the hive, completely unadulterated, preserving all the natural pollen and goodness. Crafted from the wildflowers that flourish locally, it’s a honey that’s not just delicate but also a flavor-packed delight. Whether you drizzle it on your favorite dishes or savor it straight from the jar, Wing Dance Honey is a precious gift from Mother Nature herself. It is not just delicious; it also supports a clean, sustainable environment and promotes personal health.

Here at Elm City Market, we’re all about nurturing our planet and our bodies, and that’s why we’re thrilled to showcase Wing Dance Apiary. By carrying Fat Bee Honey, we’re not just offering you a taste of local goodness but also the chance to support ethical, sustainable beekeeping practices. It’s all about indulging in the sweetness of life while giving back to the very bees that make it possible.